These glass bottles are perfect for any fragrance oil wearer. With a minimal but super chic design, these bottles are a perfect addition to anyone’s fragrance collection. They are well crafted and the ultimate sustainable beauty stample. You may refill these bottles with perfume oil or spray. Add flair to your dresser or vanity, while bringing a special touch to your living space. Dimensions: 3x1 x 1.5 x 5.5Care Instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth. Not glass cleaner required. While the bottles are filled, it is recommended that you keep them out of direct sunlight, that will cause both the oil and spray to evaporate at a faster rate. Each bottle ordered will come with a complentary 15 mL bottle of fragrance. Please notate your choice below in the section that asks; Which fragrance would you like?  The Fragrance Choices are: Magnum Opus~Key Notes~Patchouli, Bergamont, Basil, CedarwoodA customer favorite. At first smell, the notes may excude masculinity; which makes it a perfect scent for men or anyone who enjoys intense scents. The beautiful complexity of this earthy and spicy fragrance is seen over time. This fragrance transforms into an amazing sultry scent. Soft and sweet, yet bold and alluring.The Lily layers the Patchouli and Cedarwood like silk. Floral Alchemy~Key Notes~Lily, Honeysuckle, RoseThe essence of spring and fresh florals, this scent is an ode to fresh flowers in bloom. A flirtatious sweetness that just melts into your skin. This scent will leave a seductive and sensuous trail where you go. Havana~Key Notes~Tobacco, Vanilla, AniseHavana is beautiful blend that delivers to the senses. The deep and smokey tobacco notes are elevated by delicate layers of vanilla and anise. This scent is perfect for layering more intense fragrances with earthy notes.  Galena~Key Notes~Rose, Frankincense, Lemon, LavenderEffortless and fresh! Galena is summer in a bottle. Its lightly sumptuous lemon and sweet orange notes blend seemingly with the pop of rose. Warmed and thickened by a sprinkle of frankincense and a touch of Egyptian musk that give an unexpected twist and work as a strong base to highlight the citrusy freshness of Galena. Flores~Key Notes~Peony, Honeysuckle, LavenderSoftness and freedom! Flores is a beautiful and delicate scent that enchants with its distinguishable peony aroma that flirts perfectly with honeysuckles sweetness. The floral power is enhanced by a touch of luscious lavender, making it the perfect everyday fragrance that charms with sophistication. Aurum~Key Notes~Sweet Orange, Primrose, Ylang Ylang, MangnoliaThis is the smell of individuality! Unique souls have a scent to identify in with Aurum. Turning heads won’t be difficult with this special blend of divine sweet orange, exquisite and elegant primrose. The grand finale comes when the exotic notes of ylang ylang appear, leaving people guessing what is that mystical fragrance you exude. The Streams of Isis~Key Notes~White Amber, Primrose, Frankincense, LavenderThe streams of Isis lures people with mystic. The clear notes of vanilla and mimosa stand out while white amber, primrose, and lavender swirl to enamor all that pass by. Frankincense is the gem on top of it all, sweetly rounding up this delicate scent.  Morning Dew~Key Notes~Cloves, Chamomile, ApricotA delicate, bright, and fresh fragrance Morning Dew is the perfect scent for everyday. The chamomile is subtle and calming for both the wearer and those who are priviledged to catch a whiff.

Rectangle Glass Bottle & 15 ml Fragrance

Fragrance of Choice
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